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Live Without ~ Online Courses

Working individually with clients for so long it has been such a privilege, especially to see them move from not liking themselves or their lives, to a place where they “get it” that everything makes sense, and they move forward in their life with love for themselves, empowered and excited.

I have seen my technique ….  Question – Understand – Empower …change people’s lives time and time again. I wanted to reach more people, we all deserve to love our lives, ourselves.

Writing an online course was my answer to reach more people however, I didn’t know where to start. In 2020 I crossed paths with We-Being a co-learning platform where they support ‘whole being’ learning throughout the world. They support their course creators as well as the learners to be the best version of themselves, it was a perfect match. You can work through these courses by yourself, or connect with others and myself while going through each section, it’s brilliant.

Writing these courses has already helped me change my life. I hope doing these courses help you change yours too.    


Mel xx

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