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Live Without Self Judgment

Is the voice that you listen to every day full of self-love and support for you? Or is that voice full of negative self-talk; including thoughts that put you down, as well as constantly criticising you and judging you? The second part of being present in our life, is to start to discover how we really treat ourselves. In order to do this properly, we have to go back to understand how we got here and why it’s so much easier for us judge ourselves rather than celebrate ourselves.

‘Live without Self Judgement’ is a powerful course that wake us up to realise how we currently treat ourselves. It shines a light on the truth of why we struggle to be part of our lives and why we struggle to love ourselves. As we go through this course it will slowly wake us up to seeing things differently, making us yearn to be part of our lives, to be there for us, and to look after us. Live Without Self Judgement will change your life.

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