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Sessions With Mel

Sometimes finding the answers to questions is difficult. It can be challenging to know how you feel, how deeply something affected you, and to see the impact that plays out in your life. In our answers we protect the ones we love, and blame the ones we don’t. Therefore hindering our ability to hear our truth underneath. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find answers, as to what is going on with you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is determined by imbalances that come up showing where you may be ‘blocked’. Muscle testing is a unique way to be able to find information without you having to know the answers. Instead it allows the kinesiologist to act as an interpreter for your body, mind and soul.

From Mel

It is truly amazing to work with clients to help them embrace and understand themselves, and why things happen to them. Watching them transform their lives, feel empowered and love life again is a very rewarding experience.

Finding why and what our bodies are trying to tell us is not limited to any age. Clients are everyday people: I have worked with inutero babies, infants, children of all ages and abilities, teenagers, parents grandparents, medical professionals, lawyers, factory workers, trade people, professional athletes, teachers, singers, actors, dancers, police, business people, drug addicts.

A session is called a ‘balance’ because in every situation, we balance their ‘being’; their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Sometimes one part of their being might be more dominate for example physical pain. Pain as we all know is very physical, however to make a permanent difference and ensure symptoms don’t come back, we need to understand why that person’s body got them to this place in the firstplace!

Sometimes things can be very emotional, however if someone went through an extremely traumatic experience, it often doesn’t help for a person to keep reliving that experience; in fact sometimes that just makes it worse for them. I have seen many clients who have thought they had dealt with clearing a traumatic experiences but still struggled with the impact it had on them. Through working with clients I have found many different ways that we can understand and clear something.  This allows the client to leave feeling strong, empowered, confident and peaceful straight after a balance, and not still stuck in tragic circumstances for days or weeks after.

Every balance is different, but for a basic example they would go a little like this: The balance always starts with a chat to see how the client is going, and if they have been sick or in pain (the bodies way of trying to communicate something with us). We explore what they would change with a magic wand (helping us to know what they are subconsciously focused on), and we have a chat about what is and isn’t working for them.

Then using various reference and information points on their bodies we gather information to put their ‘story’ together, in order for them to understand what and why things have been happening. We are then able to clear and repattern anything that needs to be cleared; going as far back in time as we can to then introduce a new pattern, a new way of thinking or new way for their body to communicate with them. Sometimes the client may get ‘homework’ to do to help reinforce a new way of something. Maybe an exercise, a supplement, or even an affirmation; depending on what their body needs and is trying to tell them!

For 23 years I have had the privilege of seeing clients helping them understand themselves better, and seeing them change their lives. No one has ever said; “oh I wished we didn’t clear that I liked my life before!” I have seen people find jobs they love, find life partners, and others I have seen have babies despite no other hope, even after fertility treatment. I have seen people become pain free, I have seen autistic kids flourish, I have seen suicidal teenagers blossom to absolutely loving themselves and loving their lives. Clients have cleared things that have blocked them for many years, others have take responsibility for everything in their life, and let go of responsibility in others lives. People have come in so lost and confused and have left empowered and confident. Clients with cancer have become cancer free, however, I have also seen people with cancer die… I am not the miracle worker, the clients are; the people I see. When you begin to understand yourself and your life ,as well as why things happen to you, then your life becomes amazing. This is when the magic happens. I am just here to help people understand.


Learning how to listen, question and understand your feelings and emotions is the beautiful gift that Mel shares with so many. Over the past 18 months Mel has helped me connect with myself. Feelings of guilt, anger, frustration and at times hopelessness have dissipated as I have learned to trust and love myself. She is a beautiful person who instantly makes you feel safe. There is no judgement, she is here to help us on our journey. The notion of “outside in versus inside out” resonates with the way I was living my life. Needing approval, acceptance, respect, and love from others in my life to make me feel special and important was a short term burst of happiness. I really started to find peace within myself when I started to look for the answers within. Why did I feel guilty? Why am I upset by others? Why do I feel let down? Mel listened to my stories from my everyday life and helped me to look for the answers within instead of blaming everyone else for the way I felt. The work we have done together has given me a greater conscious understanding of who I am, why I feel certain emotions and how to best deal with these. We have worked through my personal and professional relationships. Understanding myself and learning from my emotions has taught me to trust myself, be true to myself and in turn be at peace with the choices I make. It is so much easier to blame others for how you feel, the real peace comes when you listen and question yourself and then truly understand WHY. I walk away from every session feeling stronger about who I am and then when I start to fall into old patterns, I think over the many stories that Mel has told me, to help me understand WHY and then reach for the tools she has given me so I can get back to being ME, not someone else’s version of me, the true to myself me. It is so empowering. Thank you Mel for helping me find peace, especially during Covid which could others have been a very difficult time for me.


Sessions with Mel always help me get back on top of things in my life. I have been seeing Mel for most of the year and every session is just as eye opening as the first. I've gone into a session feeling extremely down and come out with a new perspective and also gone into a session feeling normal and come out flying with positivity. In the time that has had it's dark points, she is the light that keeps me going. Xx  


When I first saw Mel (approximately 8 months ago) I was an overloaded, exhausted mess.  My work and previous personal issues had consumed me.  I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.  I spent most of my time sleeping when I was not working.  I had been to the GP and also a naturopath convinced there was something wrong with me.  A work colleague encouraged me to see Mel and ever since I have more energy, positivity and confidence back.  I cannot explain what it is that Mel does to gain these results but I ‘just feel better’.  She has given me strategies to cope with situations and enabled me to have more self- belief in what I do.  My body now knows when I need to see Mel and ‘hang out’ for my next appointment.  I get such a feeling of having my batteries re-charged.  I cannot speak more highly of Mel and her ability.  I would recommend her to anyone.


I had Mel’s phone number for a whole year before I was brave enough to make an appointment. I didn’t understand what this kinesiology thing was all about but after an ankle injury resulting in four operations and 4 ½ years of pain, with no relief, I was willing to try anything! At the end of my first appointment I realised that she got it, she got me. I call her my ‘Earth Angel’ as it feels like she was put on this Earth for me, to help me, to heal me and to guide me.


"Seeing Mel has helped me to realise that we all have our own individual paths and there are times in life when you just have to let go and hand it all over to a higher power".


Dear Mel, my testimonial to you can only be explained in this story.

Two weeks ago I was sitting on a train coming home after traveling to the other side of town, it included a bus ride, then a tram, a 30 minute walk, a train and then another bus back home. It was a beautiful day and while crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge I was reflecting on how far removed my life is from 12 months ago, and in that moment I was completely at peace.

My travels that day just seemed effortless and there was a calmness in my heart that I have never felt before. You have been an angel in my life for the past 20+ years, your guidance and wisdom taught me to be present and grounded in both consciousness and in soul. My journey over the last few years have been the most challenging in my life thus far and you taught me how to be present, how to grow with an open heart and how to trust that our paths will be revealed if we stay curious and vulnerable to what can be.

You are a beautiful, amazing and positive force. You helped me find my peace and I will always be eternally grateful for all the tears, the sore spots, the laughs and always the hugs.

So much love for you and to you,


I have been seeing Mel since a child, and she has shaped me to have a strong understanding of myself, the people around me & the universe. Throughout my daily activities I am regularly reminding myself of what we have worked through in our sessions; and I truly am a better person because of it. I recommend Mel to anyone; whether you’re going through hardship or just want to open your mind to new experiences... you will learn so much!”


The biggest impact that Mel has had on my life was to treat my infertility, including my gruelling IVF journey, to bring me two beautiful daughters. She has been a part of their life since they were tiny little embryos and the special bond that they have with her now is incredibly touching. Since that first nerve wracking appointment, my husband, two daughters and I are eagerly continuing our journey, with our Earth Angel by our sides.


"It is so hard to believe that I have only been seeing Mel for three years. In this short period of time I have turned into a completely different person, with each appointment I grow and heal, even when I think that I'm ok. One thing I love about seeing Mel, is that in every session a penny drops and I have multiple "ohhh" moments. She has not only helped me to understand how and why I act and react to each situation in my life, but has given insight into how others in my life do the same. This is only a snippet of the amazing work Mel does. Reading Mel's book is such a good stepping stone into having your first session and I have recommended this to almost every single one of my friends. Once they see Mel, they really understand what I mean when I say, each time you leave an appointment, you feel on top of the world and so excited to start your "new life".  "

~ Jess!

I’ve been working with Mel over the last few years. I first went to see Mel after many IVF heartbreaks & feeling like my life wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to, or expected it to.

Mel helped “put me back together” & she still does as I navigate through life. Her support & guidance has led me to open up my own business, continue my IVF journey & create deeper & more meaningful relationships with my family & more importantly myself. I highly recommend Mel to help you navigate through life.


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