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Body Talk ~ Sinus Problems

Sinus problems are related to someone close to you annoying you. You are annoyed by what someone else is or isn’t doing.

When we first look at sinus problems – someone close to you is annoying you, the solution to this appears to be really easy. It’s someone else’s fault: your partner, your parents, your children, your work or school associates. One of them annoyed you. Did it start on the right side or the left side? The right side is in relation to a male, career or control. The left side is about female, family and nurturing. When did it start?


If it started just after you got a phone call from the school coordinator telling you that your son hadn’t handed in his assignment, and you noticed the sinus pain starting on your right side, then surely it’s his fault and the simple solution would be to “make him” do his assignment and submit it.

                Or you woke up on Sunday morning with sinus pain and coincidentally for the third weekend in a row you are the only one in your family who seems to be doing any housework. Surely if they all did their bit then your sinus pain would be relieved?

                Or one of your parents insists that you help them on your only day off. Surely if they stopped being so demanding your reoccurring sinus headaches would disappear?


If we look at it literally, sinus pain means you are blocked from enjoying your life; and if there is an infection or pus, which there often is, then you are also angry that you are blocked from enjoying your life. Your happiness is blocked due to you being annoyed at others not doing what you want them to do.


The problem with making it someone else’s fault is that in that same instance, ‘someone else’ then has the power to fix it, resulting in you remaining powerless. Body talk is your soul talking to you – about you, not about anyone else. It’s actually all about your reaction to this situation; your reaction tells you about you, and why you react gives you an insight into you.


Sinus pain means someone close to you is annoying you but they can only annoy you because deep down inside you are actually annoyed at yourself. You may think you are annoyed at someone because they aren’t doing what you want them to do, but your annoyance is really just a reflection of something else that will tell you about you. Maybe it’s because no one listens to you, or because you can’t control something, or you not allowing yourself in the past or present to do what you want to do.

Long-term sinus problems often occur because you are continually blocking your happiness. And you are blocking your happiness simply because you don’t think you have the power to change anything. There is an invisible underlying thought (a belief system) that you are trapped and unable to do anything about a current situation because of the exact feeling being from your past, where someone else was responsible for making the decisions, so your situation then left you powerless to change anything.

If you are a long-term sinus sufferer you probably feel drained and exhausted. Trapped and often repeating the same situation and feelings with no out, no acknowledgement and no reward. You are searching for appreciation; however, the appreciation you get from others will never be enough. You can push people that truly care about you away thinking that they will never understand you. It can be easier to focus on the negatives and the ‘I can’t’ rather than the positives and the ‘I cans’. You can be self-depriving, and you don’t allow yourself to have any fun because you live by too many rules. You spent much of your childhood trying to keep everyone else happy and now realise it’s futile; however, you haven’t taken up the quest to look after yourself. In the past you experienced people’s harsh behaviour towards you but, being a child, you were unable to change the situation for yourself, which leads you to repeating the same pattern of feeling blocked, upset, angry and trapped, rejected and unsupported and not being able to do anything about it when this is actually not the case anymore. There were so many rules imposed upon you throughout your life that you became more afraid of making a mistake, you feel safer holding yourself back now than going after what you could achieve, so you withhold your motivation and passion for life.  You are repeating this same self-blocking pattern.


Self-Empowerment Tip

The first step for self-empowerment for short-term sinus problems is to ask “WHY?”


Did it start on the right side or the left side? The right side is in relation to a male, career or control. The left side is about female, family and nurturing. When did it start? What were you doing or what were you about to do before it started? Is it a reaction to a person, a group of people or a situation?

It may start on either side, giving you a hint as to who your reaction is in relation to, but often it will end up on both sides because it really is just about you. Once you understand why or why you are blocking your happiness right now, you can choose to bring your happiness back. You can’t be responsible for other people’s actions but if you understand why things get to you, you are then able to choose how you respond.


So why does your son not doing his homework get to you? Is it because you want him to do well at school, you want to give him more opportunities. Why? So he can grow up and have more options available to him? If you look at those answers they are still all about your son, and the real understanding of ourselves is not heard. Why is it important for him to do well? Because his achievements are a reflection on me as a parent. What his teachers think, his choices and his ability to take on responsibility and do well in life reflect on me as a parent. I see him blocking himself achieving what he wants to in life but really I can only see this because I block me – I am annoyed at myself for always blocking myself. Sinus problems – blocking something in your life.


So let’s go back to the other meaning for sinus pain – you are blocking your happiness. Maybe I am angry at him blocking his happiness because I am blocking mine? How can I make this situation better for me?


If I am annoyed at my family not cleaning up, why? Is it because I can’t allow myself to sit down until everything is perfect? Why? Is that because I judge myself on my parenting skills by having a clean environment? Or is it perhaps I don’t know how to ask for help? Or is it because I try to make everything perfect so I will be acknowledged and loved – all the while looking for other people to give me this feeling but never giving it to myself? Sinus pain – you are blocking your happiness. How can I make this situation better for me?


If I am annoyed at my parents because they are so demanding, is it because I haven’t been able to set any boundaries? Is that because they use words to manipulate me and therefore if I try to say no to anything I feel guilty and now it leaves me trapped? Sinus pain – you are blocking your happiness. How can I make this situation better for me?


Take your power back. Give yourself permission to find your answers:

I am annoyed by you because ...                                                               

I react to this because ...              

This gets to me because...           

This tells me what about me?

When I take my power back to fix it - I am working on ...                


If you are a long-term sinus sufferer, then work out how you block your happiness. Do you never allow yourself to feel appreciated or good enough? Do you remain aloof and disconnected from people even when they try to connect with you? Do you keep yourself super busy as an excuse to not connect wholeheartedly with anyone? Do you think everything in your life is an “I have to”, which leaves you feeling drained and no time for you in your life? Do you use rules and expectations to avoid doing anything you would like to do? Do you look after everyone else and not yourself? Do you have ideas and dreams of what you would like to do but you hold yourself back from starting any of them? Do you not even allow yourself to dream? Do you feel like you repeat the same self-blocking patterns? Not being able to do anything about any of these statements is not the case anymore. Once you have an awareness of what you are doing and how you are blocking your happiness, you can change it.


When you know what you’re working on, when you know your real answers, you will be able to take your power back. When you get any sinus pain you will be able to say to yourself, ‘I will not block my happiness in this situation.’

I give myself permission to...: and then depending on what you are dealing with, either let it go because your reaction was just about giving you an insight into your life, or make a change because you have your power back. Making a change, deciding on a new way to do something or to handle a situation, whether it be a way of thought or a physical action, is taking responsibility for yourself and how you feel, and how you choose to feel in the future.


Give yourself permission to unblock your happiness. You are the only one who has the power to change what you are not happy with in your life.


The most important and only person you can’t live without is you. Understand yourself. Empower yourself. Love yourself.


Mel Ryan   100% You

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