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The Chocolate Muffin Story

Imagine yourself as a super cute 5 year old, sitting on the floor of the prep class room with all the other kids. A lady walks in with a big basket, and she says…

“Good morning gorgeous kids, I have a surprise for you today, I’ve made you all chocolate muffins.”

She proceeds to hand out these warm, amazing smelling, chocolate muffins to each little person……”One for you, one for you, one for you.” She passes them out and as she gets to you, she pauses, and then, she skips right over you, she continues to hand out chocolate muffins to everyone else in the room and then she covers up what’s left and then she leaves.


I know – its traumatizing

So here is the insight.


The 5 year old sitting on the floor is “your soul self”

The lady handing out muffins is “your earth self”


We are so busy trying to keep everyone else happy in our lives that we have forgotten ourselves, we dismiss ourselves, we sacrifice ourselves, and we have done it so many times that we don’t even notice.

But our souls do, our soul is the sad little person sitting on the floor muffinless.

So next time you say……oh don’t worry it doesn’t matter, I don’t really, it’s okay…..Take a step back and really think about it. Then give your reply.

The only person who can make your soul happy is you. The only person who can give you a chocolate muffin is you.

Have you had your chocolate muffin today?

Mel Ryan.   100% You.

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