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The Handbook

The One You Were Meant to be Born With

Imagine of you could hear what your soul is trying to tell you?

So many time’s people have said “I wish I was born with a book.”

Well, here it is. The Handbook. The one you were meant to be born with, gives you a fresh perspective as to why you are here.

It talks about the Truth, the Rules, and the Hints.

In short     

We are here for us to experience life and to see, know and understand what we are learning.

We can’t do that unless we look at life entirely from our perspective.



There are a completely different set of rules for us to live by that will help us.

We are given hints from the moment we are born, and all through our lives.

How you can see them.


It moves away from us living and hoping things go right for us and puts us in a unique position where we live from the space where we understand ourselves and our lives.


When you understand something, you have the power to choose what happens next.

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