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Question ~ Understand ~ Empower

Mel Ryan - Challenges the way we have been taught to think, to see a different perspective, and to find the way we are meant to live. To love ourselves.


This is an Invitation To be 100% you;

To begin a journey to understand yourself, to understand your life and to be free.

To allow yourself to question and keep questioning until things resonate, until they make sense to you on the deepest level possible.

When all those little puzzle pieces make sense, this will enable you to then put them all together, so you can see the big picture; about you, your life, why you are here and what you are working on.

From the moment you see that picture you cannot ever un-see it. As you become present to you in your life. You have your answers, you stop apologizing for yourself, you listen to what feels right for you, and you give yourself permission for you to be in your life.

You were born for you.





If you don’t allow yourself to question, then you will never find your answer.

‘Why’, is probably the most common asked question in the universe; and yet, we never allow ourselves to continue asking questions until we find an answer that fulfills us.

Why you ask?

We have never been taught to trust ourselves, or to listen to our selves. This creates doubt in our ability to know what is right for us, and we begin thinking everyone else has the answers, therefore we stop asking questions.

When we are born, we are completely dependent on other people for survival, this sets up an unconscious belief within us that we must rely on someone else to make it better for us, and therefore, we don’t rely on ourselves to find our answers.


What if there is a why under the ‘why’? What if the true answer we are looking for is in an unasked question that is under the answer we accept? This generates a whole other layer to understanding every experience we’ve been through. What if the reason we are here is not to keep everyone else happy, what if it’s to understand ourselves? What if our soul has been trying to communicate to us in every single thing we do and by every single thing that happens to us and we just don’t see it?

Questioning things allows us to listen to ourselves to find our truth. It give’s us information. The more information we have the more we can see the bigger picture, and the greater the picture we see the more things make sense.

Let me invite you to look at things a different way. Where we keep asking questions.  The answers are waiting for us.

To understand something we have to go back to the beginning, in order to work out how we got here. Therefore we need to pull it apart, not to relive something – but instead to understand why we got here, what has made us think this way, what belief systems are we following, who’s voice are we listening to, and who’s rules we are living by?

The answer isn’t what happened to us, but instead, the answer is why that happened to us. When we move the focus away from other people/situations and come back to just ourselves, we then can begin to understand ourselves.

When we allow ourselves to question; to really look and pull things apart, we begin to see the truth of a situation: the true answer to why. When we see the truth, things begin to make sense.

We accept so many answers in our lives because we are taught this is how it should be, so we don’t question any further. When we leave our questioning here life doesn’t make sense, and we continuously feel frustrated, angry, disillusioned, full of blame, resentment, pointless, depressed, anxious. We are then left feeling like a victim; powerless to change our circumstances and at the mercy of things just happening to us.

At the same time, part of us will still be longing for a deeper understanding.

It is in the layers of previously unasked questions when we begin to find our answers;

  • Where we begin to listen to ourselves and to what feels right for us.

  • When we understand something the power it has over us is lessoned.

  • When we understand something, we stop reaction emotionally.

When we understand something, we have the power to choose what happens next.

We can come from a place where we are able to listen to ourselves to find our truth; what feels right for us.

When you find the truth; your truth, about any situation, and you know what you are working on, an amazing thing happens;

We start to have peace. Such a contentment with who we are, and we begin to stop doubting ourselves, stop trying to live by other people’s rules to keep them happy, and stop apologizing for ourselves.

We are then able to give ourselves permission to be in our lives, knowing we matter. We look after ourselves, stop criticizing ourselves and putting ourselves down, have our power back, can live free of limitations, and feel empowered. We now can live like we are meant to.


Imagine being able to live without guilt; to be one of the people in your life, and to be important to you.

Imagine being able to live from a space where we are a priority, where we are 100% responsible for making ourselves happy, so that we stop being dependant on other people to like us before we can like us.

Imagine that we love being in our lives, and we genuinely love ourselves


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