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Soul Talk Earth Walk

Imagine if you could hear what your soul is trying to tell you?


Soul Talk Earth Walk is a unique experience.

We go through life always asking’ why’?, and yet we have all the answers to all the questions. Everything that has and will happen to you in your life is a ‘secret’ hint to help you understand yourself. It’s a secret because we haven’t been shown how to listen to it. Soul Talk Earth Walk allows us to unwrap that ‘secret’ by helping us understand it; giving us an insight into life from our soul’s perspective and, exploring why we get so distracted from our path. It gives is the knowledge to determine what we attract, what we avoid, what we repeat and what we block, showing us how we can see and understand our Soul selves.

This book explores the influences that our ‘Earth’ thoughts have on us. Exploring why we get overwhelmed with guilt and responsibility. In a self-empowering way it confronts us to really learn to listen and to understand everything about ourselves and our lives.

Mel Ryan has worked with clients for 23 years helping them understand themselves and to live a free and happy life. Within the concept of her book, she has written down the analogies she would use to help clients see things from a different perspective. In doing so Soul Talk Earth Walk therefore, gives us a unique insight into our bodies, patterns, relationships, past, Earth selves and Soul selves. Mel includes some powerful personal and client experiences to strengthen our understanding of these concepts.

Understand your Past     Embrace your Present     Love your Future


Soul Talk Earth Walk is $29.95AUD + Postage

Links for Audio Book and EBook Coming Soon


"Soul Talk , Earth walk is an  insightful  journey into understanding ourselves . It provides a foundation for learning more about our actions and reactions in our everyday life and steers a path towards positive healing and growth.  Mel nourishes our soul and helps to create understanding through real life examples and encourages us all to listen to what our body is trying to say. The book offers readers a chance to gain clarity and to explore more fully the role our thoughts , feelings and genetic background play in our decision making and in allowing us to move forward into a place of greater self belief.  This book is a powerful motivator in encouraging us all to love ourselves and in developing more meaningful and truly valuable relationships . I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt misunderstood but also to those seeking greater understanding about their life journey. It leaves you wanting to explore the ideas visited in this book more fully and highlights the endless possibilities our soul provide us with, when we choose to stop and listen to it. The book is uplifting and will become a reference that can help unlock the many mysteries of our health and well being and guide you in the right direction. You can tell this book is written by some one with passion and with amazing insight."


"This book takes the reader on a journey of learning about emotions, looking at why we react the way we do, and how we can come to understand ourselves better. I had so many 'Wow!' moments reading this. It is filled with practical advice on listening to our bodies, and living a more peaceful and fulfilling life, while also drawing on real-life stories and examples. 'Soul Talk Earth Walk' is an excellent resource to refer back to time and time again as we work towards a greater understanding of our soul's purpose."


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