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Welcome to 2020. The year of Self Awareness.

At the end of 2019 conscious energy started to change. To help my clients understand this I used an analogy.

For as long as we have been on Earth it is like we have always lived under water. Underneath the water is where our Earth emotions make decisions for us. In other words, our emotional reaction influence what we think, say and do next. We have no space in it to think what we would like to choose next in the moment, we just react.

As the years have progressed, we have become self-reflective about those emotional reactions and have begun to notice that we don’t want our emotions to take over from us. In fact, we can be very aware at times of an outburst, where our emotions take over and the words are just coming out, yet we can’t stop it.

This leads to us finding a whole new place. Welcome to above the water.

In this place we can see the emotion, feel the emotion, understand the emotion yet we are above the emotion not living in it. We are starting to know why we, personally emotionally react. This is because we are starting to truly understand and listen to ourselves and therefore know ourselves and why we would react. A major part of us recognising our souls and why we are here and what we are working on.

We have found glass bottom boats where we now reside on top of the water.

In this space in our glass bottom boat, we can acknowledge our emotional reaction and we can move past our emotions because we understand why. We now find ourselves in the space where we can choose what we say next. What will bring out the best in us and others. We can see when emotional reactions are leading other people in their words and choices, and we can pacify the emotional charge.

As time goes, on more and more of us are starting to realize that there is an above the water and little heads are popping up everywhere.

Consciousness is changing.

We are changing.



So welcome to 2020.

The year of Self Awareness. The year we turn inward.

Where we ask the question every day to ourselves

What do I need/want today? How do I want to feel today?



Consciousness has changed enough that most of us allow ourselves to ask ourselves what do I need or want?  Which is amazing. However, the answer we found more often than not was outside in. “I need to be loved”: so we look for someone to come along that will love us. “I need to feel safe”:  so we find someone or something that makes us feel safe. “I need to feel connected”: so we join a club where we absolutely feel like we fit.

None of this is wrong and because we live on Earth, we will continue to do all of this because it’s all part of the Earth experience. Understand however, each of these solutions to how one wants to feel is outside in or in other words completely dependent on someone or something else, leaving us powerless to be able to truly give ourselves what we need, what our soul needs. This is how we have lived for so long – underwater.


2020 Is the year of Self Awareness.

Therefore, the question - how do I make myself feel loved, safe, or connected? -must be answered with us being able to solve it by ourselves. We start to look at it inside in. Without the help of other people or things. Ensuring that this truly does became a time to reflect upon ourselves and to turn inward.

The answer will be about connecting to ourselves, our higher self, the part of us that talks to us through intuition, coincidences and through body pain and illness. Through that buzz feeling when feel a hint pointing to our soul direction. The peace when we are on the right path. The frustration and anguish when we are not listening to ourselves. The depression when we have lost the knowing of our connection to our souls and we realise that doing everything and living by everyone else’s rules just doesn’t feel right for us anymore, so we feel anguished because our soul is urging us to turn inwards and shut everyone else out so we can find ourselves again.

The answer to how I feel loved, safe or connected will come from us knowing us, from listening to ourselves and from giving ourselves what we need. There is only one way to do this. We need to turn in and make everyone else disappear. We need to be able to answer why? From why we would respond like that, to why things would happen. Turning in gives us an insight (in sight, inward sight!), an insight helps us to understand ourselves and why. To see our life from our soul’s perspective so we can understand our experience here. Only then can we begin to know how to truly give us what we need.

We need to hang out with ourselves, to date ourselves. We need to be honest with ourselves. To be our voice.

This comes from being present to ourselves. To looking after ourselves mentally physically and emotionally. Knowing when we need to eat properly, to sleep, or go for a walk. Knowing when to be around people or not be around people. When to meditate or pick a card. To listen to what feels right. To know in our souls when something gives us a buzz – a hint we should follow. Tuning in to how we want to feel and what we need today and to find a way, an easy simple way that we can be there and give this to ourselves. From now on we get to be the person that looks after us.

2020. Most of us thought a new decade a new beginning. Finally! Life will now go the way I want. (after all that manifesting!)

Surprisingly 2020 will give you no apologies. 2020 continues the beginning of a new way of consciousness which will happen over time for every soul experiencing Earth.

If your soul is trying to get you to listen, you may just find your world has been turned upside down. Everything you had planned has been derailed and you are left dumbfounded and feeling alone. Perfect. (So clever really). No better way to help you turn in ward and focus on you and what you need. Kind of like when someone shakes a snow globe.

We make plans

Life makes plans

Our plans will often be based on the underwater earth rules, emotions and outside in living

Life’s plans will ALWAYS be related to what our soul is here to learn.

The key is that when we know ourselves and listen to everything in our path it’s so much easier to be able to adjust and in each moment find our soul plan and stay in the glass bottom boat. Instead of diving back under water into the Earth emotions and feeling like life has fucked us over, and we then become the victim and can only focus on how hard it is.

Welcome to 2020. Where we get an “in sight” to everything.

Write this down somewhere and read it every day.

What do I need/want today?

How am I going to give this to myself today?


Mel Ryan   100% You

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